Projetos de Investigação:

SURVIVAL - “Assessing the impact of hydrodynamical forcing on the survival of small pelagic fish early life stages of western Iberia”, PRAXIS/P/CTE/11282/1998, 1999-2002.

ProRecruit - “Shelf processes controlling recruitment to littoral populations in an eastern oceanic boundary: using barnacles and crabs as models”, POCTI/BSE/36663/99-00, 2001-2004.

“Genetic and morphological differentiation in estuarine organisms with contrasting dispersal patterns along a geographical gradient”, POCTI/BSE/45672/2002, 2003-2005.

ZOTRACOS- “Hydrodynamic and biogeochemical characterisation of the NW Iberian coastal transition zone during the downwelling season”, Ministério Espanhol de Ciência e Tecnologia, 2004-2007.

EMNOCM - “Electromagnetic sensors network for ocean currents monitoring”, POCTI/CTA/44062/2002, 2004-2008.

PROFIT - “Interdisciplinary study of processes underlying the phytoplankton dynamics in the Portuguese upwelling system”, PDCTE/CTA/50386/2003, 2004-2008.

LobAssess - “Norway lobster stocks in Portugal: Basis for assessment using information on larval production and ecology”, POCTI/BIA-BDE/59426/2004, 2005-2008.

CLIBECO - “Climate changes in the Iberian Upwelling Ecosystem: a regional retrospective and scenario study approach”, POCI/CLI/57752/2004. 2006-2009.

Connect - “Connectivity of marine populations assessed with genetic and numerical modelling tools”, TDC/BIA-BDE/65425/2006, 2008-2011.

ISCAD - “Inner shelf circulation and dispersion patterns: Interactions with estuarine systems”, PTDC/MAR/65760/2006, 2008-2011.

RAIA – “Observatório oceânico do margem ibérico”, Programa Operacional de Cooperação Transfronteiriça Espanha-Portugal, 2009-2013.

IMPROVE - “Inner shelf hydrographic and biological processes controlling invertebrate population in the Portuguese coast, using decapods as models”, PTDC/MAR/110796/2009.

HERMIONE - “Hotspot Ecosystem Research and Man’s Impact on European Seas”, FP7-ENV-2008-1, 226354, 2010-2012.

HAB-SPOT - “Harmful Algal Bloom dynamics - Shelf Processes of Transport and retention Offshore Aveiro”, PTDC/MAR/100348/2008, 2010-2013. - “Observatorio Marino del Margen Ibérico y del Litoral, Programa Operacional de Cooperação Transfronteiriça Espanha-Portugal, 2011-2013.

MARPRO - “Conservation of Marine Protected Species in Mainland Portugal”, 2011-2014.

REIMAGE - “Respuesta de los ecosistemas costeros a los aportes alóctonos de materia en el contexto del cambio ambiental global antropogénico”, CTM2011-30155-C03-01, 2012-2014.

LarvalSources - “Assessing the ecological performance of marine protected area (MPA) networks”, PTDC/BIA-BIC/120483/2010, 2012-2014.

“The Economic Valuation and Governance of Marine and Coastal Services (MCES)”, Gulbenkian Oceans Initiative