Dataset: /thredds/ncss/grid/LD/HABWAVE/ ( Gridded Dataset Description )

Base Time:

Select Variable(s):

alpha = Weights between coarse and fine grids at RHO-points
angle = angle between xi axis and east
dmde = eta derivative of inverse metric factor pm
dndx = xi derivative of inverse metric factor pn
f = Coriolis parameter at RHO-points
h = Final bathymetry at RHO-points
mask_rho = mask on RHO-points
pm = curvilinear coordinate metric in XI
pn = curvilinear coordinate metric in ETA
x_rho = x location of RHO-points
y_rho = y location of RHO-points

Choose Spatial Subset:

Lat/lon subset
Coordinate subset
Bounding Box (decimal degrees):
west east

Disable horizontal subsetting
reset to full extension

Horizontal Stride:
Add 2D Lat/Lon to file (if needed for CF compliance)

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