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[S]urface [P]articles [I]n a [R]OMS-based [A]pp[L]et

This program plots trajectories of lagrangian particles at the ocean surface. The current fields are obtained from operational results of the ROMS model, configured and maintained by the Ocean Modelling Group @ CESAM/Aveiro University, Portugal. The data is stored in the Thredds server of this group, with 3 h temporal resolution and ~3 km of horizontal resolution. The atmospheric data is obtained from the WRF model maintained by CLIM@UA.

This applet was developed from "Alavai" system and was built with Processing. It uses local time based on the client machine and you WILL NEED Java to run it. The loading time may vary from a few seconds to a minute, depending on the available internet bandwidth.

It is advisable that you clean your Java temporary files (how to).

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